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年,在集团创始人、董事局主席吴建荣的带领下,秉承“诚信立业、创新发展”的企业宗旨,打造成为以建筑工程、文化创意两大核心产业为主导的现代企业集团。 Founded in 1984 , Zhejiang Zhongnan Group, under the leadership of Wu Jianrong, the founder and chairman of the board of directors, adheres to the corporate tenet of “Integrity, Innovation and Development” and builds into a modern enterprise dominated by two core industries: construction engineering and cultural creativity. group. 强。 Now it is a national-level construction general contracting qualification enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, a national key cultural export enterprise, and a top 500 private enterprises in China.

In the field of engineering construction, a complete and compact industrial chain of housing construction, curtain wall, steel structure, decoration, electromechanical intelligence and municipal gardens has been formed. 年亚运会主场馆)、杭州奥体国际博览中心( G20峰会主会场)、杭州萧山国际机场贵宾专用候机楼、广州国际金融城汇金中心、山西第一高楼信达国际金融中心、亚投行、泰国G-Land Tower写字楼、委内瑞拉客车工厂等多项国内外重大工程项目和地标性建筑,荣获了国家建筑工程“鲁班奖”、“全国建筑工程装饰奖”、“中国钢结构金奖”、“詹天佑奖”等300多个奖项。 In recent years, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center (the main venue of the 2022 Asian Games), Hangzhou Olympic Sports International Expo Center (the main venue of the G20 Summit), Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport VIP Terminal, Guangzhou International Financial City Huijin Center, Shanxi No.1 A high-rise Xinda International Financial Center, AIIB, Thailand G-Land Tower office building, Venezuelan bus factory and many other major domestic and international engineering projects and landmark buildings won the national construction project "Luban Award" and "National Construction Engineering Decoration Award" More than 300 awards such as "China Steel Structure Gold Award" and "Zhan Tianyou Award". The Central South curtain wall has been ranked among the top three in the industry for more than a decade.

在文化创意领域,中南卡通(证券代码: 833156 )已成为国内动漫产业的龙头企业,十大最具影响力国家文化产业示范基地。 In the field of cultural creativity, Zhongnan Cartoon (stock code: 833156 ) has become the leading enterprise in the domestic animation industry and the ten most influential national cultural industry demonstration bases. 致力于原创动画制作、影视节目发行、音像图书行销、动漫品牌授权、衍生产品开发营销及特许经营等相关产业链建设,原创的《天眼》系列、《魔幻仙踪》《乐比悠悠》《郑成功》《郑和下西洋》《钢甲小龙侠》《中国熊猫》等动画作品,先后获得国家精神文明建设“五个一工程”奖、国家动漫精品一等奖等国内外150多个奖项,进入世界90多个国家和地区的播映系统,并与海内外新媒体播出平台建立了紧密的战略合作关系。 Committed to the original animation production, film and television program distribution, audio-visual book marketing, animation brand licensing, derivative product development marketing and franchise and other related industry chain construction, the original "Eye of the Eyes" series, "Magic Fairy", "Lebi Yo-Yo", "Zheng Chenggong" "Zheng He Xia Yang", "Steel Armor Dragon" and "Chinese Panda" and other animation works have won more than 150 awards at home and abroad such as the "Five One Project" award for national spiritual civilization construction and the first prize of National Animation Boutique. The broadcasting system of more than 90 countries and regions in the world has established a close strategic partnership with the new media broadcast platform at home and abroad.

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