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Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhejiang Zhongnan Holding Group Wu Jianrong

Representatives of the 12th and 13th National People's Congress of Zhejiang Province

Member of the 10th CPPCC National Committee

Representatives of the Ninth to the 13th People's Congress of Hangzhou

Vice Chairman of the 13th Federation of Industry and Commerce of Hangzhou

Vice President of China Building Decoration Industry Association

Vice President of China Animation Society

Vice President of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce

Vice President of China Private Culture Industry Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director of Zhejiang Private Enterprise Development Association

Vice President of Zhejiang Animation Industry Association

President of the 4th Animation and Game Association of Hangzhou

Vice Chairman of Hangzhou Chinese Culture Promotion Association

Grasp new opportunities, meet the new normal, and plan new developments

              ——Mr. Wu Jianrong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhongnan Group

Time flies, the years are like songs. Thanks to the care and support of all walks of life, the Zhongnan Group has gone through 30 years of hard work and has left a colorful chapter full of struggles and achievements.

In the past 30 years of entrepreneurship, the people of Central South have followed the main theme of “entrepreneurship, creation and innovation”, firmly established the main line, continuously expanded their business plans, and continued to innovate their business models. They constantly challenged themselves in the process of China’s economic development, pursued excellence, and wrote a song. A song of praise. In the field of housing construction, the footprints of Zhongnan Construction are spread all over the world. The fine works are widely praised by the society and have made positive contributions to building a harmonious society and enhancing the image of urban civilization. In the field of cultural creativity, Zhongnan Cartoon has created many favorable youths. In the field of culture and commerce, Zhongnan Group has built a large-scale urban commercial complex centered on Leyou City, which has promoted the development and prosperity of the regional economy. In the high-tech industry, Zhongnan Group actively explored The Internet + development model continues to promote the transformation, upgrading and innovation of enterprises.

Now, Zhongnan Group is in a critical development period of achieving leap-forward development and moving towards world-class enterprises. Standing on the new development platform, Zhongnan Group will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of “Integrity, Innovation and Development”, firmly grasp the market dividends released by the country's deepening reforms, and firmly grasp the new technologies, new formats and new business models. The innovative opportunities continue to consolidate and develop core core businesses, actively explore emerging industries, and commit to building the company into a leading, internationally competitive modern enterprise group.

I believe that with the support of all walks of life, with the joint efforts of all the people of Central and South China, the Zhongnan Group will be able to seize new opportunities, meet the new normal, plan new developments, and write a more magnificent chapter of development, creating a more brilliant tomorrow. !


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