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Working in Central South

Job Responsibilities:

(1) Cooperate with the external auditing firm to conduct final audit and data collection and finishing of the project completion project;

(2) Review and spot check of the project cost report;

(3) Conducting a cost review on the final project of the submitted project;

(4) Review design changes and on-site visas, and archive and manage related materials;

(5) The position belongs to the internal audit position of the Group Audit Department.

Terms of service:

(1) Loyalty, dedication, and recognition of Sino-South corporate culture;

(2) 36 years old and below, bachelor degree or above, major in civil engineering construction, project cost management, etc.;

(3) 3-5 years relevant work experience, with the title of assistant engineer or above, and the professional qualification of the cost engineer;

(4) Proficiency in relevant professional knowledge and budgetary quotas, familiar with national and local engineering cost information and government documents, accurate calculation of engineering quantities, and proficiency in budgetary software;

(5) The ability to independently complete the project final audit project.

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