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Party Construction Leads Convergence and Joins Hands to Create a New Chapter The Second Party Branch of Binjiang District Housing and Construction Bureau and Zhongnan Group Signs a Pair-Building Agreement
Source: Release time: 2019-08-26

22 日,中南集团建筑公司八区块五期项目部内党旗飘扬、党徽闪耀。 On July 22nd , the party flag of the fifth phase of the Zhongnan Group Construction Company's eight blocks was flying and the party emblem was shining. 滨江区住建局第二党支部与该项目临时党支部在这里举行结对共建签约仪式暨盛夏送清凉慰问活动。 The Second Party Branch of the Housing and Construction Bureau of Binjiang District and the Temporary Party Branch of the project held a signing ceremony for the joint construction and the cooling and condolence activities in the summer.

         Binjiang District Housing and Construction Bureau second party branch secretary, station chief Yan Jianhua, deputy station chief Xiang Yu, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Company Zhou Zhiping, engineering information department manager Pan Shanjiang, eight blocks of the fifth phase project temporary party branch secretary Ren Wei All party members and some management backbones of the branch participated in the kick-off meeting.

        At the signing ceremony, the two sides introduced the basic situation of the branch and jointly signed the "Agreement on the Hundred Branches of Hangzhou Construction Industry System", which indicated that it would be guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party building project. The ways of co-construction, resource sharing, conspiracy of activities, and cooperation and promotion promote the friendly and connected development of the party building work of both sides and revitalize the new vitality of party building work.

        Qi Jianhua, secretary of the Second Party Branch of Binjiang District Housing and Construction Bureau, pointed out that the establishment of a temporary party branch in the construction site will set up the Red Fortress in the construction line, so that the first-line party members have a sense of organization and ownership, so that the project management has organizational political guarantee, it is worth praise. It is hoped that the Eight Blocks Project Department will give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of frontline party members in the next party building work, and set up the "Party Pioneer Post" mode to show the identity of party members, build the image of party members, be a good model, lead and drive Inspire the enthusiasm of the frontline workers to form a series of red and red radiation effects, ensure that the party building work takes root in the project construction, and achieve double promotion of party building and project promotion.

        Ren Wei, secretary of the temporary party branch of the fifth phase of the eight blocks, said that the building of the party will be an opportunity, relying closely on the characteristics of the construction industry, giving full play to the main responsibility and responsibility of the party organization, and building the temporary party branch into a unity cadre, The strong battle bastion of high-quality propulsion engineering construction provides a strong organizational guarantee for building a brand for the party building and building a fine product.

        After the meeting, the two sides sent cool items to the workers who fought in the construction line, and conveyed the care and care of the party organization to everyone's heart.

        It is understood that the fifth phase of the 8th block of the resettlement house of Puyan Agricultural, which was contracted by the Central South Group, is a key project of the people's livelihood in Binjiang District. Since the establishment of the temporary party branch of the project, through the party members' bright identity, the branch as a platform, and activities, the party members' party spirit and advanced consciousness have been fully mobilized, and they have become the leaders of security, tree model and boutique, and the whole project. The orderly advancement of the project plays a positive role.

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