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Party members are the pillars and branches, giving full play to the "foundation pile foundation" of the party organization, the "development pile foundation" of party members and the "harmony pile foundation" of the party and the masses, providing strong organizational guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and scientific development. Power support.


Zhongnan Group

——The party branch was established in March 1991, and the party committee was established in December 1999. There are 302 party members. The party committee has three party general branches and 13 party branches. For more than 30 years, the Group has adhered to the principle of “focusing on the party building on the economy, doing a good job in party building and promoting development” to implement the “Central South Red Pile Foundation” project, giving full play to the political core role of the party organization in the workforce and the politics in enterprise development. Leading the role, and strive to promote the scientific development of enterprises, build a strong development, and build a strong "dual brand" in the party to build a career. Won the "100 Demonstration Group" for Party Building Work in Hangzhou, "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization for Supporting Earthquake Relief", "Shuangqiang Baijia Party Organization", "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" in Binjiang District, "Five-Star Party Organization" and Zhejiang Province "Advanced Communist Youth League" and other honorary titles.